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chapters: 5
Duration: 43:28
CPD: 0.1

Effective fire control within a building is generally achieved through a combination of active system represented in alarm system, sprinkler system, suppression system, fire extinguishers or other proactive mechanical system and passive fire protection represented in Firestop system restricting the spread of fire to a defined fire compartment that is composed of fire rated walls, floors or ceilings. Many times, due to cost and budget restrictions, firestop is not considered or just considered as a minor issue. This is not the case if building owners, architects, designers and general contractors take the correct firestop specifications and measures in an early phase of the construction project, it is their legal responsibility. This Webinar will cover the fundamentals of passive fire protection. It is intended to give the necessary information to safely plan, design, specify and select an appropriate firestop system for any building

  • 4:05
    • Chapter 1
    Consequences of Building Fires

    This chapter will give insight in the aftermath of building fires and statistics about fires in general.

  • 6:37
    • Chapter 2
    Fire Safe Building Construction & Code Requirements

    This chapter will be about the compartmentation of buildings, international building codes and the referenced test standards of penetration types.

  • 20:57
    • Chapter 3
    Firestop System Testing & Listings

    This chapter will explain each of the penetration types that's been mentioned in the previous chapter. Each penetration type has It's own unique test standards that define their protection against fire situations. You will also see the typical members of these penetration types.

  • 5:38
    • Chapter 4
    Beyond Fire Resistance – Secondary Attributes of Firestop

    This chapter will be about the additional attributes of passive fire protection products such as 'Air Tightness' 'Movement' 'Water Resistance' and 'Sound Attenuation'

  • 6:11
    • Chapter 5
    Specifying Firestop Systems

    This chapter is about the specifications of passive fire protection systems according to UL standards. We will also talk about installer qualifications, firestopping material types and identification and documentation.