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chapters: 4
Duration: 33:03
CPD: 0.1

Connection of reinforcing bars might not go as planned as designed in the jobsite. The possibility of misplaced bars and omitted or forgotten bars is always present. The reasons might be either human error or revision of the project however, whatever the reasons might be, usage of post-installed bars with chemical anchors will always be another way of continuing to the relevant application or project. Correct installation and load transfer is essential in post-installed rebar applications and whether you are a designer or a contractor, you have to take many circumstances into account while deciding on how to proceed with your application. This webinar will cover how reinforcing bars can be designed in accordance with the provisions of Eurocode 2, and post-installed using an adhesive system qualified per the provisions of the EOTA TR 023 "Assesment of post-installed rebar connections"